Silver By Charlotte

By far one of my personal favourite subjects to photograph is jewellery.  I really enjoy thinking of new ways to showcase artists’ work.  They spend so much time creating such beautiful objects, that I believe the resulting photographic images should also reflect this.  A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte Dalrymple-Hay who owns Silver by Charlotte. Charlotte’s designs are timeless classics and her designs are beautiful.  I started to experiment with an initial image which you can see below:


I quite liked this initial image as I felt that the silver colour worked well against the background.  I also added in some light steaks and dust scratches to add interest.  However I felt that the designs needed to be much more streamlined to accentuate the beauty of Charlotte’s Jewellery.  One of the classic issues with this type of photography is flare.  So if you are thinking of trying any projects like this, it is really important to control your lighting well.  Think not only about the subject you are photographing but also the reflections in it.  Flare can absolutely ruin an image especially when it is difficult to remove in editing software.  Watch out for flare and where possible use a soft box for your lighting.

Below are a few examples from the final set of images.  I decided to use a paintbrush in a couple of the images because I felt that this added scale.  I also felt that the brush in the image added a sense of delicacy to the image which was contrasted against the solidity of the items.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project.  I am also hoping to work with Charlotte on some new ideas in the coming months.

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