About The Secret Shutter

My name is Karyn Easton and I am a South West based commercial photographer living and working in Brixham in Devon. When not out with my camera or on a photography shoot, I can usually be found in the classroom of my local college, teaching DSLR photography. I love anything to do with film and I hope that this shows in my work. I hope to be blogging regularly here and hope that you will check out some of my social media haunts which can be found below.

Karyn Easton

There are a number of tailored photography packages to suit every budget.  There is also a cost effective rate specifically aimed at people requiring high quality product images for websites such as Etsy or EBay.

If you would like to contact me regarding prices,  commissions or photography sessions, then I can be reached here through my website.

My social media channels are as follows: