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It’s been nearly a year since my last post.  This has largely been due to work commitments over the last few months.  What a strange few months it has been too? However as we slowly start to emerge from lockdown I have learned a number of new skills.  Being in temporary accommodation away from work and having to teach online I found producing YouTube videos quite useful as a teaching aid.  As I’m going back to face to face teaching now I’d like to share some of my videos with you all.  They are mostly aimed at little creative tips to help with any photography projects you might have.  I’m certainly no YouTuber but I hope that you might find some of my content useful.

Lockdown has certainly taught me to become more resourceful with my shooting.  When you are stuck in one place and unable to go far then your creativity can suffer.  However it really doesn’t have to be that way.  Today’s modern DSLR cameras and even smartphones have so much to offer in terms of creative experimentation.  My central message here is to simply pick up your cameras and shoot!  With only a little experimentation it’s possible to create videos and images that you can be proud of.  Remember whatever you see is unique to you.  How you shoot something is also unique to you and therefore whatever you shoot no matter how good or bad it’s unique.  I often look at images and think – that’s a great image but how would I do it?  Rarely would I choose to shoot something the same way as anyone else and that is the beauty of photography – it allows you to express yourself in a way that no-one else can.

I hope that you like my YouTube videos?

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