Feb 12
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The Gallery

The Balance of Power Mobile

Coming Soon!… Read more

Apr 09

The Adobe Spark Blog

One really lovely surprise I had a while ago was a mention in Adobe’s Spark Blog!  I already knew that I had made it onto their ‘Wall of Inspiration’ which is covered in one of my older blog posts. … Read more

The Corona Virus

The Coronavirus has brought many problems, but it has also afforded many opportunities. A problem I constantly run into is finding time to update my blog! Over the last couple of years I have worked on many great projects but … Read more

Training to be Human

In September 2018 I was very privileged to shoot my local college’s immersive drama production called ‘Training to be Human’. This was yet another successful production which built on a previous immersive theme from the year before called Memoirs of … Read more

Jul 28

Adobe Spark

I have worked for a while now with the web ‘Storytelling’ software from Adobe, called Spark.  I use Spark for almost everything from weddings to commercial photography.  Adobe Spark Pages are a quick and easy way to journal and document … Read more

Memoirs of a Cinema

In 2017 I covered a production by my local college at the ‘Old Picture House’ in Paignton, Devon.  The show was titled Memoirs of a Cinema and was both truly amazing and a highly immersive performance.  I have included some … Read more

Moving Into 2017 – A Quick Update

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent since the Torbay Airshow 2016. I’ve not been lazy honest! In the Autumn of 2016, I began work as a part-time photography lecturer at my local college.  In … Read more

Jewellery Commission

These are images of our first jewellery commission. We had the privilege of photographing some really beautiful handmade silver pieces. They lend themselves to natural lighting which helped to enhance the beauty of silver.… Read more