The Corona Virus

The Coronavirus has brought many problems, but it has also afforded many opportunities. A problem I constantly run into is finding time to update my blog! Over the last couple of years I have worked on many great projects but sadly not had the time to document them. Coronavirus has now changed all of that for me. Therefore I’m currently taking advantage of all of my newly found free time to catch up on things I enjoy doing. This includes keeping my blog up to date.

The image I’ve chosen for this opening 2020 post is one from March last year. The reason I’ve chosen this image is because it made the Wex Photographic shortlist for one of the weeks in March.

The Wex Photographic Photographer of the Year competition affords some very stiff competition. Every week, photographers are invited to enter the competition with an image each Monday that they shot the preceding week. This is a great way of keeping content fresh and forces photographers to go out and shoot something new. However the competition is extremely high with entries often running into hundreds each week. Many photographers enter on a regular basis but never ever make the weekly shortlist. For this reason I was absolutely thrilled to have one of my images shortlisted in the top ten for the week.

The image is a very simple one and was shot using natural light. It is one of my very favourite images to date and this is why I wanted to share it. As an experiment I played around with layering the image in Adobe Photoshop. I also shot a pocket watch in a similar style which you can see below. As is usual for me I didn’t have the time to keep the competition going in 2019. This year has been even more busy which has meant I didn’t even join the competition this year at all. However if Wex run their competition in 2021 I’m hoping to be back.


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