Holiday Let, Property and Interior Photography

One of the things that I really enjoyed last Summer was the work that I did in the area of holiday let property.  I did a number of interior projects for a number of clients, plus some agency work for Airbnb.  However one of my most favourite jobs was for Beach Retreats.  I was really thrilled to be asked to do some dusk shots for this company.  Firstly because they are so meticulous about their design and photography and secondly because dusk photography is very specialist.  However most importantly they have a port folio of the most beautiful and amazing properties on their books.

To produce beautiful dusk shots takes patience and a good knowledge of how to use a slow shutter speed.  Normally when using a camera on auto mode or a smartphone, when light levels drop the camera’s built in flash fires.  Unfortunately this does not give good results because the beautiful colours of the sunset are lost.  To get around this photographers must shoot their subject without the use of flash.  However without flash the subject can appear to dark.  This is when a slow shutter is used in order to maximise the available light.

Below are a sample of some of the images I created for them including both indoor, outdoor and dusk shots.


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