My First Viewbug Awards

In May 2016, I was really excited to win my first Viewbug contest finalist award in jewellery. Viewbug is an international photography competition website that is home to some of the World’s best photographers. It is certainly worth checking out if you are a keen photographer. The photography there is simply stunning! The competition on the Viewbug website is fierce, so to be a contest finalist is an achievement in itself. You can see my entry below along side all the other finalists in the jewellery contest on the Viewbug website. A little way down on the list is my entry. One day I would love to win one of the categories, but for now it was great to be offered a BTL (Behind the lens slot on their website). BTL is where a contest finalist is invited to explain in more depth about their winning shot. Please scroll down the page to access more information about my entry.


My First Winning Entry (Moonstone)

Below is my very first winning finalist entry.Rainbow Moonstone


My Second Winning Entry (Crows)

Over the next few months I didn’t have a lot of time to enter many more contests, but in 2017, I began to join a few more.  In April 2017, I was once again thrilled to be a contest finalist in the Wings in Motion contest.  The competition again was fierce with many great entries.  However my image made it and I was offered yet another BTL or Behind the Lens slot.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see more details on how and why the image was created.

Below is my second winning finalist entry.

My Third Winning Entry (I Love Strawberries)

In July 2017, it felt like I was on a roll, because I learned I had made it into the finals again!  This time it wasn’t for shooting jewellery or nature but food.  I had been experimenting with food photography and I decided that I would really like to shoot some strawberries.  I asked my youngest daughter to pose for me as if she was about to eat a strawberry and the resulting image can be seen below.  My entry won contest finalist.  Please scroll down on this page to learn more about how the image was created. In order to gauge the level of competition here are some of the other finalists.

Below is my third winning finalist entry.

I Love Strawberries


Other Winning Images

To be a contest finalist and especially to win in one of the categories is a great achievement.  However Viewbug do offer a number of awards as well as the ultimate award of winning a top prize.  Over the last couple of years I have been lucky to have won the Staff Winter Selection 2015 with my entry Starry Eyed which can be seen below.

Staff Winter Selection 2015



In December 2016, I was really pleased again when I won the Member Selection Award for the image below called Beauty Is In the Eyes.  Ultimately my goal would be to win a category outright.  However my website stats have shown me that over the last two years I have been placed in the top 10% of most popular photographers on the Viewbug website so I think that is a pretty good achievement for now 🙂

Member Selection Award 2016

Beautiful Eyes

Over the next few months I hope to have some time to enter more competitions and I’ll keep updating the blog with any successes.

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