The Brixham Pirates’ Festival

“If you love #pirates or incredible #photos & #portraiture, you don’t want to miss this series from @secrethutter”Adobe Spark

In early May 2017, I was asked if I would cover the Brixham Pirates’s Festival. I was quite excited about this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, even though I lived in Brixham for a long time I had never been to see it. Secondly it would be a great opportunity to try out my hand at event photography. The event was great! I can certainly recommend it if you like Pirates and want to dress up and enter into the spirit of things.  There’s also plenty of great food and music as well!


Setting Goals

I had a rough idea of shots required by the organisers, but I also wanted to ensure that I managed to cover as many people as possible across the event.  I also wanted to try to capture the spirit of the event and show how popular it is.  I really enjoyed meeting the pirates and I must have taken hundreds of shots.  Once finished it took me two weeks to edit!  Finally I managed to get a set of photographs that I was happy with and that told the story of the day.  The highlight of the project came when Adobe Spark tweeted out this message: “If you love #pirates or incredible #photos & #portraiture, you don’t want to miss this series from @secrethutter” which can be seen below.  This was a real compliment coming from Adobe Spark and it absolutely made my day!

Some of My Favourite Images

I’m so pleased that I didn’t have to judge all of the costumes at the Brixham Pirates’ Festival because that would have just been too hard as they were all so amazing!  Instead, I have selected some of my favourite images from the day.  However if you visit my Adobe Spark Page, you can see more of the story of the day.


Captain Blackheart

A Pirate

A Pirate Couple

A Fire Eater




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