A Voyage into Timelapse

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful techniques in Photography is timelapse.  It allows the viewer to watch little snapshots in time condensed down from much longer footage.

With extreme timelapse it is possible to capture tiny buds opening in the blink of an eye, instead of having to observe them for days on end.  It has often been said that a timelapse of the sun moving from night to day is the ‘holy grail’ of photography because of the technical amount of knowledge and skill required to capture it.

For an inexperienced photographer it is a great way of getting to know your camera settings and understanding how light changing can dramatically effect the exposure of a photograph.  Below is  one of my first timelapses.

It was shot using Aperture priority and I kept my ISO very low at 100.  My white balance was set to cloudy so that the tones were rendered warmer in the picture and I made sure that I used a tripod.  I set my timings so that the camera fired a shot every 20 seconds.

Then I sat down and relaxed.

The resulting images were then imported into iMovie in order to string the individual frames/images together for the final output.

At a later stage I plan to go back in to re-edit these images and to remove a couple of stray seagulls, but other then that I feel that for a first attempt at a simple day/night timelapse this has worked pretty well.

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