Training to be Human

In September 2018 I was very privileged to shoot my local college’s immersive drama production called ‘Training to be Human’. This was yet another successful production which built on a previous immersive theme from the year before called Memoirs of … Read more

Better Late Than Never

I’ve been so busy lately with one project or another, that my blog has taken a bit of a back seat. However with the half term holiday on the horizon, I’m able to spend a little time updating my blog … Read more

Adobe Spark

I have worked for a while now with the web ‘Storytelling’ software from Adobe, called Spark.  I use Spark for almost everything from weddings to commercial photography.  Adobe Spark Pages are a quick and easy way to journal and document … Read more

Jul 26

Memoirs of a Cinema

In 2017 I covered a production by my local college at the ‘Old Picture House’ in Paignton, Devon.  The show was titled Memoirs of a Cinema and was both truly amazing and a highly immersive performance.  I have included some … Read more

Secret Shutter Photography Used for Local Festival Tickets

In 2016 I was invited by the festival organiser at Lupton House to take some images of their annual festival.  I really enjoyed the day and I managed to produce some of my favourite photographs.  I was absolutely thrilled when … Read more

The Brixham Pirates’ Festival

“If you love #pirates or incredible #photos & #portraiture, you don’t want to miss this series from @secrethutter”Adobe Spark

In early May 2017, I was asked if I would cover the Brixham Pirates’s Festival. I was quite excited … Read more

My First Viewbug Awards

In May 2016, I was really excited to win my first Viewbug contest finalist award in jewellery. Viewbug is an international photography competition website that is home to some of the World’s best photographers. It is certainly worth checking out … Read more

Moving Into 2017 – A Quick Update

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent since the Torbay Airshow 2016. I’ve not been lazy honest! In the Autumn of 2016, I began work as a part-time photography lecturer at my local college.  In … Read more

How to Make the Most of an Airshow with only a 200mm Kit Lens

Airshow photography at best can be quite a challenging pursuit.  Sadly, in the UK since the Shoreham airshow disaster, it seems that the aeroplanes are flying much further away from the crowds. This makes a lot of sense for safety … Read more

Beautiful Obelisks by Maya King

One of the great things about being a commercial photographer is that you get to work with some really creative artists. Over the last few weeks I have been really privileged to work with the highly talented Maya King.  Maya … Read more